(West Seneca, NY)

In June 2020, XGEN hired Corona Kings to install a WatchNet Thermal Imaging Camera in the lobby of its 20,000 sq ft facility. Two weeks later three (3) iWave commercial air cleaners were installed.

XGEN is a sports complex focusing on youth sports. Even though under restrictions from New York State for many of its activities, XGEN decided to be proactive so that once restrictions loosened, parents would be much more comfortable to bring their children in. It worked! XGEN’s business picked up significantly in the months since installing the camera & iWave technology.


XGEN’s ROR is anticipated to be only 8 months.

Darren Fenn, co-owner of XGEN, summed it up this way: “We knew we had to do something to get people back to the facility, whether it was during or after this crisis. It was a way to protect our multi-million dollar investment. To have parents tell us how much more comfortable they are is icing on the cake!